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  • Mobile Application Testing

    Agile testing follows a more fluid, continuous process which takes place hand-in-hand with development and product management. An agile team doesn’t do all of the requirements work for a system.
    • 13947 Hits
    • Submitted By: Harry
    • Company: 26 - 100 Employees

  • How to Create a Windows Server Virtual Laboratory

    This white paper details how to create a Windows server virtual laboratory environment, or sandbox, using the the open source Oracle VirtualBox product. This paper is meant to provide a means to involve you and to allow you to learn by doing by giving yo
    • 14844 Hits
    • Submitted By: Michael Wright
    • Company:

  • Managed print services help companies bring costs to heel

    South African companies are increasingly looking towards managed print services as a means of bringing runaway document output costs back under control. By opting for managed print services with a strong partner such as Itec Distribution, some companies a
    • 5657 Hits
    • Submitted By: Marvin Ortiz
    • Company: Not given

  • Put Sentry on guard in your print environment

    Printer downtime is a massive headache in any office environment. A copier, printer multifunctional product (MFP) that unexpectedly experiences a fault or runs out of toner can cost hours of productivity and disrupt workflow for days in a busy office.
    • 5621 Hits
    • Submitted By: Marvin Ortiz
    • Company: Not given

  • Document Management System - Take Charge of Information Chao

    "Groenert says that document management systems that integrate with printers and multifunctional products (MFPs) are one way that companies can streamline workflow and bring order to the many documents they need to store and occasionally retrieve."
    • 5793 Hits
    • Submitted By: Marvin Ortiz
    • Company: Not given

  • Bring control and visibility to office automation with busin

    The average enterprise spends between one and three percent of its revenues on printing, according to market research from Gartner. That means the costs of wasting money in your print environment can be massive.
    • 5532 Hits
    • Submitted By: Marvin Ortiz
    • Company: Itec

  • AppProtect and Safe Activation

    AppProtect generates a protected application from any Mac or Windows application without programming. The protected application can be linked to the Safe Activation server for fully automated 24x7 activation.
    • 5508 Hits
    • Submitted By: Harold Halbleib
    • Company: Excel Software

  • Software Activation

    Software activation is the process of activating a software license to run on a specific computer to prevent piracy. This paper demonstrates the software activation process and shows what goes on behind the activation dialog.
    • 5512 Hits
    • Submitted By: Harold Halbleib
    • Company: Excel Software

  • Protect Adobe Air Application

    To monetize an Adobe Air application, a computer specific activation process is needed. AirLicense includes an ActionScript source code file and other components that a developer can drop into an Air development project to interface with the QuickLicense
    • 5528 Hits
    • Submitted By: Harold Halbleib
    • Company: Excel Software

  • networking

    There,s information about Networking such as IP, Topology etc.... If the any person visit on thissite for java, php, html ...can also read about Netwoking..... Many time i visit your web site in a day to learn. or i want to publish my own web
    • 9340 Hits
    • Submitted By: ghansham
    • Company: kcc

  • Participate in Most Urgent discussions from your iPhone

    New version of Phone2Anything, Phone2Restaurants, Phone2Hotels, Phone2Parking, Phone2Golf, Phone2NYC, Phone2Chicago, Phone2LA is available. From now on users will get pop-up notifications announcing new discussion on the Community Forum. Logged in users w
    • 5552 Hits
    • Submitted By: Elena Eneeva
    • Company: Phone2Anything

  • Filtering by multiple criteria

    It covers methods of filtering companies by sector and industry, how to filter companies using information from balance sheets, cashflow and income statement documents.
    • 5765 Hits
    • Submitted By: Evgeniya
    • Company: ETNA software

  • Modeling an electron lens with SolidWorks

    Step-by-step tutorial describes how to 1) create complex electrode shapes with SolidWorks, 2) export the results as STL files and 3) use the information to build conformal hexahedron meshes with MetaMesh.
    • 5796 Hits
    • Submitted By: Stanley Humphries
    • Company: Field Precision LLC

  • Designing solenoid lenses for electron beams

    This paper reviews features of solenoid lenses to focus high-current electron beams. It also discusses how to characterize spherical aberration with a numerical orbit code and how to employ scaling methods to organize simulations for maximum generality.
    • 5526 Hits
    • Submitted By: Stanley Humphries
    • Company: Field Precision LLC