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  • 5 Steps for getting In Front of the Right People at Events

    Event footfall was great, interaction at your booth was exceptional but the details you got weren’t for the right people. What Went Wrong? Read this white paper to find out 5 simple steps to take to ensure you get to talk to the right people
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    • Submitted By: Gemma Cramer
    • Company: Ashfield Displays

  • Implementing a Derivatives Contract Data Management Solution

    Implementing a Derivatives Contract Data Management Solution – 7 Key factors to watch out for This white paper highlights seven key factors that need to be considered while making the business case for derivatives data management in
    • 1 Hits
    • Submitted By: Innodata docGenix
    • Company: Innodata Inc.

  • The State of Offshoring and Nearshoring Capabilities

    This white paper looks to discuss the state of offshoring and nearshoring capabilities in markets around the world, as well as how these different capabilities interact with one another at this ever-growing global scale. Offshoring and Nearshoring have bo
    • 1 Hits
    • Submitted By: Olha
    • Company: Ciklum

  • Mobile Commerce

    In this white paper we will go through all the basic aspects of mobile commerce, including the business as well as the technology side of the whole thing. Mobile commerce transactions continues to grow, and the term includes the purchase and sale of a
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    • Submitted By: Alona Blakytna
    • Company: The App Solutions

  • BIG DATA Governance

    BIG DATA Governance How To Avoid The Pitfalls Of Big Data Governance "So once you know what the question actually is, you\'ll know what the answer means." Deep Thought, The Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy, Douglas Adams
    • 1 Hits
    • Submitted By: vinod
    • Company: Analytix Ds

  • Web Conferencing Deployment Options: Hosted, Software and Ap

    Organizations today require a comprehensive, easy-to-use, secure communication solution with location-neutral functionality. After decades of evolution, three primary web conferencing options venture to meet these needs—hosted service, on-p
    • 1 Hits
    • Submitted By: Aliasgar Babat
    • Company: R-HUB Communications

  • Presentation

    User Experience Design and Consulting 48% of users tend to judge a company’s seriousness toward their business based on their lethargic approach while maintaining their website and mobile app. - – According to a recent study
    • 1 Hits
    • Submitted By: Sergii
    • Company: AltexSoft Inc

  • White paper

    Nowadays mobile traffic has been rising by about 30%. With that boosting mobile web, your business requires qualitative and mobile-friendly digital presence. Android, iPhone and Windows Phone have conquered the market, having the penetration rates of 52%,
    • 1 Hits
    • Submitted By: Sergii
    • Company: AltexSoft Inc

  • Pros & cons of native vs cross-platform mobile development

    As the world is getting rapidly digitalized and global mobile data traffic grows extremely fast (by 69 percent as of 2014), the question is not about the need to create a multiplatform app, but rather about which tools and methods to use.
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    • Submitted By: AltexSoft
    • Company: AltexSoft

  • Pros & Cons of Native vs Cross-Platform Mobile Development w

    As soon as you have decided to build a multiplatform app, you have three main options to consider. They are native mobile development, “write-once-run-everywhere” approach and cross-platform development. No wonder each of the metho
    • 1 Hits
    • Submitted By: Sergiy Salenko
    • Company: Altexsoft

  • Intelligent Energy Management System

    MobileComm is a venture by Telecommunication Industry Experts having experiences in varied Telecom and IT fields. Although MobileComm was conceived as a wireless services company, our collective experiences in varied fields such as 2G/3G/4G air interfac
    • 1 Hits
    • Submitted By: MCPS Inc
    • Company: MCPS Inc

  • How DBA’s can improve data access in the enterprise.

    Improving access to enterprise data can unlock value and boost productivity in IT organizations. Current desktop based database client applications are not designed for today’s agile and distributed IT teams. This white paper looks at one
    • 2 Hits
    • Submitted By: Ramesh
    • Company: Not given

  • Market Outlook August 2015

    Citibank has compiled a monthly analysis of key economic topics for August 2015. It will help understand Equity Markets, Currency Markets, and Bond Markets as well as help provide insight into managing volatility and risk when dealing with your finances.
    • 1 Hits
    • Submitted By: Citibank
    • Company: Not given

  • High availability and Performance Engg Point of View

    This Paper will provide a point of view on how Enterprise Architects should Architect, design, develop and maintain a mission critical system that should be highly available (>99.5%) to cater to the functionality and throughput requirements at any given p
    • 372 Hits
    • Submitted By: Ramanand
    • Company: TechMahindra