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  • How to Join Tables

    Learn how to join 2 tables together and display information from both tables as needed.

  • Inserting Data into SQL Tables

    Inserting data is at the heart of a database. Learn how to easily use the insert operator in SQL.

  • How to Create Tables in SQL

    Creating tables is essential in SQL. Learn how to do this with step by step instructions.

  • How to Update, Change, and Delete in SQL

    Managing database requires three major things-update, change , and delete. Learn the steps to do this in SQL.

  • How to Concantenate Strings

    Often times you have to combine output data in SQL, concatenation can be used for this.

  • How to Use sql Aggregate Functions

    Want to find out the minimum or average on a given data? Learn to use SQLs aggregate function for this.

  • How to Use the Trim Function

    Sometimes with outputted data, comes unwanted white space. The trim function is used for this in SQL.

  • How to Use Between in SQL

    If you need to find the range in some data, then you need to use between as your operator.

  • How to Filter Query Results in SQL

    Many times you will want to filter results for very specific terms. You can accomplish this by using having and group by operators.

  • Learn how to smudge

    Learn how to use brushes in a different way with a technique called smudging

  • Make Your Own Grunge Brushes

    This Photoshop tutorial walks you through the process of making custom brushes.

  • Heart Shaped Brush

    Making your own custom brushes is easy. Here we will make a heart shaped brush.

  • Brush Effect

    This will show you how to make an abstract brushing effect. You can save all the brushes you make for later use.

  • Photoshop Actions Tutorial

    How to make your life easier by using Photoshop actions to automate all the boring work.

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