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  • Using XML

    Unfortunately, PHP 4s XML support was somewhat limited. Some extensions did not prove to be very stable.

  • SOAP PHP Implementations

    This tutorial helps you understand: PHP Implementations of SOAP

  • XML processing with PHP

    A detailed XML processing tutorial with examples for beginners.

  • RSS Display Boxes

    Using Ajax, this script makes it easy to display RSS feeds from other sites inside DIV containers, by communicating with a versatile PHP RSS parser .

  • Get MySQL database layout in XML format

    In this tutorial I will show you how to get your MySQL database description / layout in XML format.

  • Merging RSS Feeds

    How to combine several RSS feeds into one with SimplePie.

  • RSS Parsing with SimpleXML

    This tutorial will provide a simple example of one method for parsing an XML document, more specifically, an RSS formatted XML document.

  • Testing date() PHP Function

    This page allows you to learn and test the date() function that gives so many ways to format a data and time value.

  • Easily Format JSON using PHP and Interpret

    JSON was essentially created for AJAX, it is widely considered language dependent because it outlines a set of rules for semantically correct commun.

  • Using the Internal Array Pointers to Access Elements

    An internal array pointer, in PHP, is fundamentally an invisible pointer that points to a particular record in an array.