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  • Queries and Relationships

    When creating relationships among tables, we were selecting the primary key of one table and the foreign key of a dependent table to join them.

  • Oracle HTML output

    In this small tutorial I will show you how you can display the output of the select command in a formatted HTML table from sqlPlus.

  • PL - SQL and HTML Form Checkboxes

    Because PL/SQL does not have the same support for arrays that other programming languages have, handling checkboxes in HTML forms.

  • PL- SQL and JavaScript Arrays

    Today I was working on part of a web application, and I encountered the need to populate a textbox with a value from the database.

  • Beginners Guide to MySQL

    Learn from the ground up, on how to use MySQL for your websites. Even if you are a complete beginner and know nothing.

  • MySQL FAQs - Command-Line End User Interface mysql

    A collection of 10 FAQs on MySQL command-line interface mysql. Clear answers are provided with tutorial exercises on mysql command option.

  • 5 Useful MySQL Functions And Control Flows

    If statements have been a life saver on many occasions. They are invaluable for checking a value.