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  • Simple Drop-Down Menu

    This clean-looking menu is very simple to implement and can be placed anywhere on a page.

  • Add Falling Snow using Java Script

    The New Year is almost here, so its your last chance to add some New Year chemistry to your site.

  • YUI Color Picker script

    This versatile color picker script is based on Yahoos excellent UI library, and features a fully interactive

  • Control Statements in Java

    A program is a group of statements that are executed to achieve a predetermined task.

  • Hide status bar messages with Javascript

    Disable the status bar message from appearing on all links, indiscriminately, with this powerful script

  • Image Map Drop Down Menus

    Image Map Drop Down Menus (IE4+) & (NN4+) Use the following DHTML script to give a neat navigation for your site without much code involved.

  • Drop down menu

    In this tutorial you will learn how to create a drop down menu that can be easily changed and configured.

  • Pop-up Windows

    JavaScript allows you to create (open) new windows. In these windows you can place whatever HTML code you wish

  • Javascript Tip Boxes

    When writing content for your site you might want to give some tips or explainations for particular words or phrases.