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gap line

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  • Pimp your Blender

    We will be covering: How to Not Screw Up your Default Settings

  • Adding Materials and Rendering

    Adding Materials and Rendering(A lesson in Arabic)Add raw materials for a color painting to be closest to the truth.

  • Revolved Objects

    using REGION, REVSURF commands-make a nice Lamp,with material.

  • Basic wire-frame models

    Drawing a wire-frame models is the simplest way of painting three-dimensional however is not used frequently.

  • Viewing 3-d objects

    How do you view three-dimensional objects. How to control the Viewports.

  • Isometric drawing

    The drawing here is a two-dimensional drawing by 2-d commands using two-dimensional drawing only(Lesson in Arabic)

  • Reactor basics

    We will teach you the basics, a simple car crashing into a wall of boxes, reactor does most of the work for us.