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  • GIMP rain animation

    Start from a photo or drawing, transform it in animation bu creating multiple layers and and a fake rain using motion blur.

  • Multiple Document Selection

    A little tip about selecting more than one Flash document at a time.

  • Infinitely Zooming Image

    Image contains a frame which zooms out forever.

  • Shape optimization in Flash

    If you have created a shape in Flash that contains too many curves, then there is an easy way to fix that.

  • Convert Lines to Fills

    In this tutorial, I am going to show you how to convert lines to fills in Flash

  • Mouse Cursor Recorder

    This tutorial will teach you how to create a recorder for your mouse cursor. The recorder works just like voice recorder.

  • Easy Pixel buttons made in Flash

    Create cool micro pixel buttons in Flash, using a few filters to create sharp labels and more.

  • Advanced Flash Website

    This detailed tutorial will show you how to create an advanced full flash website.

  • Basic Flash Website

    A detailed tutorial on how to create a basic flash website.

  • Simple flash header

    This lesson will show you how to make simple flash header using some special flash tricks.

  • Funky Flash Website

    A tutorial showing you how to create a funky flash website

  • Load Website Content Dynamically

    In the following video we will learn how to load text from a text file sitting on a web server

  • Make a Flash Website

    A detailed tutorial showing you how to create a flash website

  • Button using the movieclip symbol

    In this tutorial, I will explain how to create a button as a movieclip symbol using ActionScript rather than using the button symbol.

  • Video In Flash

    Learn all the basics of video in Flash. From encoding to skinning.