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  • Maven Repositories and Configuration

    The blog post talks about different types of maven repositories and how one can configure them.

  • How to Design A Typographic Brochure

    Typography can be applied to more than just posters. Other printed materials can also be infused with typographic elements easily to great effect. In

  • Write Java program to find prime numbers upto 100

    Prime numbers are those who are either divided by 1 or by themselves and writing java program to check if a number is prime or not is neither difficul

  • Generics wildcards examples in Java

    Generics has two kinds of wildcard one is called bounded and other is called unbounded. bounded wildcard has a limit or bound which could be either up

  • Interface in Java - things to remember

    interface in Java is keyword which is used to declare abstract contracts. like abstract class you can not create instance of interface instead in orde

  • Finding Current directory from Java program

    Java programming example to find current directory from Java application. current directory is the directory from where JVM has been initialized or fr

  • Say Hello to Python Flask Server

    Flask is a micro web development framework for Python based on Werkzeug and Jinja2. The Tutorials show how to create a flask server.

  • Getting Ready with Python-PIP

    pip is a tool for installing and managing Python packages, like the ones which can be found under the Python Package Index.

  • JQuery Mobile for Absolute Beginners Part 2

    In this lesson, we will discuss on how the HTML5 data attributes that jQuery Mobile relies on to support various UI elements, transitions, and page

  • 2 example of comparing string in Java

    There are many ways to compare two strings in java. this Java program example explores four different way e.g. using ==, equals, equasIgnoreCase and C

  • 3 ways to loop ArrayList in Java

    There are many ways to loop contents of ArrayList in Java like By using Iterator and while loop, foreach loop and looping with traditional for loop un

  • Use PreparedStatement in JDBC for Speed and Performance

    If you are writing web application in java then you must be aware of SQL Injection attack, PreparedStatement can prevent SQL Injection attach as it do

  • How to use SimpleDateFormat in Java

    Working with DateFormat in a multithreading environment can be tricky. The Java API documentation clearly states Date formats are not synchronized. It