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  • Show the Current Frames Per Second

    This box can be dragged right into your movies to show the actual FPS your movie is currently running at.

  • Very advanced photo menu

    In this detailed lesson I will show you how to create very advanced and modern photo menu which you can use for any web site.

  • Menu Slide

    This tutorial will show you how to create a menu with a sliding rollover effect

  • Clean flash menu

    In this lesson I will explain to you how to create a cool clean and advanced website menu using the action script code.

  • Mouse Cursor Bubbles Particle Effect

    A tutorial that will show you how to create mouse cursor in form of bubbles particle effect. This is a new way to navigate your site.

  • Modern photo button with url

    In this Flash 8 lesson explained in extreme detail, I will show you how to create modern flash button with url using some photo.

  • Square Transition Gallery

    This tutorial will show you how to create a gallery with a square image transition effect.

  • Create a Drop down menu

    In this tutorial we will strat from scratch and build a navigation bar and then convert one of the buttons to a drop down button.

  • Black Menu

    A tutorial showing you how to create a black menu in Flash

  • Clear red and white menu

    In this lesson, you have a chance to learn how to create modern clear red and white flash menu

  • Flash Gallery

    A flash tutorial showing you how to create a gallery

  • Vectors to Speeds

    A short tutorial on how to disassemble a two dimentional speed, angle vector into x and y speed.

  • Fresh Fruit for Rotting Vegetables

    some basic inertia techniques - position, scale, and rotation... intermediate knowledge of actionScript is required.

  • Conversion of Number Systems

    This tutorial will help you convert from one number system to another using Flash 5 Actionscript.

  • Mass Collision Detection

    This tutorial demonstrates an effective, and efficient, method for detecting collisions between multiple instances of two movie clips.