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  • Using the Prototype JavaScript Framework

    As an extension to Wildhoneys introductory article on JavaScript, I have written this article to show how to achieve the same results .

  • Pausing RSS Scroller

    Pausing RSS scroller is an RSS scroller that lets you display any RSS feed on your site, even syndicate the scroller on other sites.

  • If..Else...if Statement

    The if...else if construct can be used to test multiple conditions without having to nest separate if...else statements inside one another.

  • Switch statment

    The switch statement with case entries testing for expected values and providing processing code on a match.

  • Text box field

    An effective way of performing script input and output operations is through use of textbox fields. You can use textboxes

  • Understand Arrays in Javascript

    A variable can hold only one value. What will happen if you want to hold a customer list, records of all employees in your company?