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  • Yet another shaking text

    In this Flash tutorial you will see how to make some text blur out then going crazy shaking.

  • Text dancing animation

    Using this tutorial, you will see how to create advanced and very modern letters animation.

  • Floating Circle Text

    A tutorial showing you how to create text containing floating circles.

  • Winking photo effect

    Using this tutorial, You will see how to create winking photo effect using the alpha and some special flash tricks.

  • Vibration Effect

    This very easy tutorial will show you how to create vibration effect in flash using some special flash tricks.

  • Fading Square Effect

    This tutorial will show you how to create a fading square transition effect.

  • Flash Player Control For Testing

    Tells you how to make a right click control of which player you view SWFs in for testing in older versions.

  • Launch a PowerPoint Slide Show from Flash

    By utilizing FSCommand exec and a batch (.bat) file (PC), you can launch a PowerPoint slide show from your Flash presentation menu.

  • Manipulating Flash Projector Files

    This comprehensive tutorial details how to manipulate flash projector files, full screen, disabling right clicking

  • FSCommand - Quit

    Learn how to create a button which closes the projector, with the fscommand.