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  • Error Handling

    This tutorial will show you how the error handling functions for the LATEdownload v2 script have been written and how you can use them .

  • Debugging Your Mysql Queries

    In this tutorial you are going to learn how to make your scripts easier to debug and how to make your errors more user friendly.

  • Send this page to a friend

    A php tutorial/walkthrough that shows how to realize a useful feature like the one to send an url of your site via mail.

  • Sending forgotten password

    This php tutorial shows you how to send password to members via e-mail address when they forgot their password.

  • Verifying email address

    When users sign up to join your website you may want to verify their email address by sending confirmation link to their email address.

  • Form to Email

    You can apply this tutorial for your contact form on your sites. This tutorial shows you in 1 file with a normal contact information form.

  • Create your Email Server

    When you create an auto email sender program with mail() function. You can not to test it on your machine(localhost).

  • Sending emails with PHP

    Emails are easy to send using PHP. Learn how here. Includes contact script.

  • Email Form

    Create you are first very basic email form and handler.

  • AJAX contact form

    An AJAX email contact form that uses mootools as a core Javascript library.