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    This collection contains best Frameworks are in use now a days. Now you have to choose one for designing your website in very quick time.

  • Installing Ubuntu 10.04 LTS

    This tutorial is to teach Linux newcomers how to install the Ubuntu 10.04 LTS operating system

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    Learn how to handle exceptions in Java Server Pages(JSP)

  • JSP Implicit Objects

    Implicit Objects in Java Server Pages(JSP)

  • Difference between Nested static and Inner class Java

    Java programming language allows you to add a class inside another class, that is known as nested class in Java. There are four types of nested class,

  • How to create update and delete columns in SQL

    One of the three main task you in SQL is creating, updating and deleting columns of tables. This tutorial explains how to create, update and delete co

  • How to type cast one class to another in Java

    Type casting in Java is used to cast one class or interface to another, if they are from same type hierarchy. Type casting is an important concept to

  • PHP Ajax Live Search Tutorial

    Autosuggest is a user-friendly option which can be used in input fields for making interactive search.