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  • HTML Feader Tips

    Headers have been used as a means of hierarchically organizing written ideas for centuries.

  • Drop-Down Menu Tips

    Drop-down menus are a very popular means of offering navigation options and options within forms.

  • Thumbnail Images

    Please be kind with your large images. Big ones take a long time to download.

  • Animated .gif

    This tutorial guides you to download all the software you need, then walks you through creating your first animated gif.

  • Transparent Image

    Find out how to eliminate the white space around your images

  • LowSrc Command

    This command allows you to help the viewer out by loading a lesser version of a picture before the big color version comes in.

  • Faster Loading Pages

    Learn to use these commands inside of image commands to get your pages to load very quickly.

  • 1 x 1 Images

    Here is a great way to cut down on bytes and speed up the loading of your page.

  • Screen Capture

    Use PaintShop Pro to capture any image on your computers screen.

  • Embed Video

    Embedding a video is pretty simple.

  • Remove the Hand Cursor

    This teaches you how to create an image link that does not produce a hand image when the cursor passes over it.

  • Active Image

    This will help you along with the process in making any image an active hypertext link.

  • Text Over Images

    Place text over your images with HTML commands alone!

  • Pre-Load Images

    Set up your pages so that the images are in the cache waiting to be used rather than downloading each image as you need it.

  • Image Formats on the Web

    This tutorial/essay goes into great depth regarding images in general.

  • DOM Image Rollver

    Image rollovers represent the classic and timeless JavaScript effect.

  • Working With Images

    Images are an essential part of any page. Learn how to apply them here.

  • Create An FavIcon For Your Web Page

    Would you like to display your own icon on the browser address bar when visitors view or bookmark your web page?