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  • How to install and use WP-CLI on a Linux VPS

    WP-CLI is a command line interface for managing WordPress installations. WP-CLI provides a set of command line tools for upgrading the WordPress core

  • Install Mezzanine CMS on a Debian VPS

    In this blog post we will show you how to install the Mezzanine CMS on a Debian 8 VPS. Mezzanine is open source content management system built using

  • Submitting Form Data into Database Without Refreshing P

    In this Article we will see How to submit the data into database without refreshing the page, to achieve that one we need to take help of Ajax, By usi

  • PHP Sending Mail Using PHPMailer class with WampServer

    n this article we will see , how to send an mail using PHPMailer class with wamp server support. So for that You need to have following things. Here i

  • Make A CSS Only Drop Down Menu

    Learn How You Can Make A Drop Down Menu With Pure CSS. No JavaScript Or jQuery Required