MS Excel - Setting Cell Type


Formatting Cell

MS Excel Cell can hold different types of data like Numbers, Currency, Dates, etc..You can set the cell type in various ways as below:

  • Right Click on the cell » Format cells » Number

  • Click on the Ribbon from the ribbon

Set Cell Type

Various Cell formats

Below are various cell formats.

  • General:This is default cell format of Cell.

  • Number:This displays cell as number with separator

  • Currency:This displays cell as currency i.e with currency sign.

  • Accounting:Similar to Currency used for accounting purpose.

  • Date:Various date formats are available under this like 17-09-2013, 17th-Sep-2013, etc

  • Time:Various Time formats are avilable under this like 1.30PM, 13.30, etc

  • Percentage:This displays cell as percentage with decimal places like 50.00%

  • Fraction:This displays cell as fraction like 1/4 ,1/2 etc

  • Scientific:This displays cell as exponential like 5.6E+01

  • Text:This displays cell as normal text.

  • Special:This is special formats of cell like Zip code, Phone Number

  • Custom:You can use custom format by using this.