Freeze Panes in Excel 2010


Freezing Panes

If you set up a worksheet with row or column headings, these headings will not be visible when you scroll down or to the right.MS Excel provides a handy solution to this problem with freezing panes. Freezing panes keeps the headings visible while you’re scrolling through the worksheet.

Using Freeze Panes

Follow below steps to do freeze panes

  • Select the First row or First Column or row Below are which you want to freeze or Column right to area which you want to freeze

  • Choose View Tab » Freeze Panes

  • Select the suitable option

    • Freeze Panes: To freeze area of cells

    • Freeze Top Row: To freeze first row of worksheet

    • Freeze First Column: To freeze first Column of worksheet

Freeze Panes Use
  • If you selected Freeze top row you can see first row appears at the top after scrolling also. See below screen-shot

First Row Freezed

Unfreeze Panes

To unfreeze Panges choose View Tab » Unfreeze Panes