MariaDB - Insert Query

In this chapter, we will learn how to insert data in a table.

Inserting data into a table requires the INSERT command. The general syntax of the command is INSERT followed by the table name, fields, and values.

Review its general syntax given below −

INSERT INTO tablename (field,field2,...) VALUES (value, value2,...);

The statement requires the use of single or double quotes for string values. Other options for the statement include “INSERT...SET” statements, “INSERT...SELECT” statements, and several other options.

Note − The VALUES() function that appears within the statement, only applies to INSERT statements and returns NULL if used elsewhere.

Two options exist for performing the operation: use the command line or use a PHP script.

The Command Prompt

At the prompt, there are many ways to perform a select operation. A standard statement is given below −

INSERT INTO products_tbl (ID_number, Nomenclature) VALUES (12345,“Orbitron 4000”);
mysql> SHOW COLUMNS FROM products_tbl;
| Field       | Type        | Null | Key | Default | Extra |
| ID_number   | int(5)      |      |     |         |       |
| Nomenclature| char(13)    |      |     |         |       |

You can insert multiple rows −

INSERT INTO products VALUES (1, “first row”), (2, “second row”);

You can also employ the SET clause −

INSERT INTO products SELECT * FROM inventory WHERE status = 'available';

PHP Insertion Script

Employ the same “INSERT INTO...” statement within a PHP function to perform the operation. You will use the mysql_query() function once again.

Review the example given below −

   if(isset($_POST['add'])) {
      $dbhost = 'localhost:3036';
      $dbuser = 'root';
      $dbpass = 'rootpassword';
      $conn = mysql_connect($dbhost, $dbuser, $dbpass);

      if(! $conn ) {
         die('Could not connect: ' . mysql_error());

      if(! get_magic_quotes_gpc() ) {
         $product_name = addslashes ($_POST['product_name']);
         $product_manufacturer = addslashes ($_POST['product_name']);
      } else {
         $product_name = $_POST['product_name'];
         $product_manufacturer = $_POST['product_manufacturer'];
      $ship_date = $_POST['ship_date'];
      $sql = "INSERT INTO products_tbl ".
         "(product_name,product_manufacturer, ship_date) ".

      $retval = mysql_query( $sql, $conn );
      if(! $retval ) {
         die('Could not enter data: ' . mysql_error());

      echo "Entered data successfully\n";

On successful data insertion, you will see the following output −

mysql> Entered data successfully

You will also collaborate validation statements with insert statements such as checking to ensure correct data entry. MariaDB includes a number of options for this purpose, some of which are automatic.

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