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  • How to Disable Window Vista Built in CD DVD Burning Fe

    The built in CD/DVD burning feature only burns up the particular files and folders that has been selected with a recordable visual force. This feature
  • How to Disable Win+X Shortcut Key on Windows 7 and Vist

    Shortcut keys in windows 7 and vista has their own tag and label. These keys improve the efficiency and output of the work performs by the user. Both
  • Re-enable Hibernate Option in Windows Vista

    Hibernation is basically a feature of computer operating system in which contents of RAM are written so as to store all the information even when it i
  • How to Enable Ubuntu Style Logons in Windows Vista

    A worldwide team of expert developers have developed Ubuntu which is an operating system. It contains all the necessary applications you need: a web b
  • How to Enable Additional Clocks in Windows 7 or Vista

    The world is a global village and if you are traveling around the world with your laptop, changing the time zone in the clock settings of your system
  • Easily Determine Windows Uptime in Vista or XP

    Uptime is a measure of the time your computer system has been powered on and it was running. Therefore Uptime refers to the amount of time your comput
  • Download and Convert Real Media Audio Streams the Easy

    There are many things which are valuable but they are the documents file. Might be any of the computer user have the audio file which is precious for
  • Dock Quick Launch or Address Toolbar to Desktop in Vist

    Tool bars are the very old features in the windows launched by the Microsoft. But now due to the increase in technology various types of tool bar are
  • Display your Google Calendar in Windows Calendar

    Windows Vista is the one of the best windows launched by the Microsoft. This window has all the features which one can want to be in his/her operating
  • Disabled thumbnail preview in windows vista or window 7

    The thumbnail preview gives the large and clear view of the file on which it is enabled. This preview is update in the latest product of the Microsoft
  • Disable user account control for administration only, i

    There are many types of versions in the windows vista and the windows 7which are different on the bases of the features and procedure which follow the
  • Disable system Restore in windows Vista and Windows 7

    The creators of the windows 7 and the window vista give the auto back up facility to theirs users. This facility can be terminated means this facility
  • Disable short cut icon overlay in window vista and wind

    Short cuts feature is available in every window or the operating systems made for the home of small users. To make the difference between the original
  • Disable, Enable Lock WorkStation Functionality (Win+L)

    This shortcut key locks the computer unit to protect it from illegal and unofficial use. By activating this shortcut key, no one will have the right t
  • How to Disable Tabbed Browsing In Windows Vista and Win

    As we all know tabbed browsing is the browsing that represents an easier and convenient way to quickly switch between websites and WebPages within one
  • Ping Command in Windows Vista CMD Mode

    Many people are using Windows Vista now days. Ping is a command used to check whether your computer is still alive on the network but when firewall is
  • Allowing Ping Command in Windows Vista GUI Mode

    Many people are using windows Vista now days. Ping is a command used to check whether your computer is still alive on the network but when firewall is
  • Microsoft Windows Vista Overview

    The specification provided by Microsoft for Windows Vista capable computer is P4 or higher, 512 Mb of ram or higher 32 Mb video card or higher, But th
  • Microsoft Windows Vista Editions for Personal Computer

    Read about difference and comparison between different Microsoft Windows Vista Editions that includes Windows Vista Starter, Windows Vista Home Basic,
  • Core Technologies and Enhancements in Microsoft Windows

    The base of Windows Vista made provides a platform to other running advanced technologies being developed by Microsoft itself in which many of them ar