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  • Network Routers - Introduction to Broadband, DLS and IP

    Routers are much different than hubs or switches; they are more complicated network devices capable of handling more complex tasks. At time routers ca
  • Network Cabling - Different type of Network Cables

    Routers are much different than hubs or switches; they are more complicated network devices capable of handling more complex tasks. At time routers ca
  • Hardware Requirements for setting up home based Wireles

    First of all there are routers which are hardware equipment used for connecting many wired/wireless networks to each other. It is a layer 3 gateway; h
  • Network Cabling - Different type of Network Cables

    Whereas wireless networking is the newest leap in technology, many networks still remain wired, mainly due to the speed and security of wired connecti
  • What is Modem - Introduction to Computer Modems

    Modems (modulator demodulators) are small box like devices used in dial up network connections. Modems translate data from binary to analog and vice v
  • What are lag switches

    A lag switch is a device which is used to create time lags or delays into the flow of data traffic. This way the modem does not get overloaded. Lag sw
  • What is Ethernet Card - NIC Card - LAN CARD

    A lot like a network adapter, an Ethernet card supports the standard for a high speed wired connection. They are also known as network interface cards
  • What are Patch Cables - Introduction to Patch Cable

    These cables are used usually when you wish to connect two similar type devices through Ethernet. They are also used for a short period of time whilst
  • What is Gigabit Ethernet

    As the name implies, gigabit Ethernet is a more advanced level of Ethernet networking and communication standards, gigabit supports a transmission rat
  • Wake on LAN local area network

    A wake on LAN request is used by a computer as a means of connecting to a computer that is shut down. The computer will send specially formatted messa
  • Introduction to Hertz (HZ) Gigahertz (GHz) and Megahert

    Hertz is a measurement of the transmission frequency of radio signals in a second. Named after the scientist Hein rich hertz, a single MHz (megahertz)
  • What is Auto Sensing - An introduction to Auto Sense

    Auto sensing is the ability of Ethernet equipment (hubs, switches, NICs) to choose the speeds at which to operate. Auto sensing employs signaling meth
  • The Concept of Wireless Spread Spectrum Communication

    Wireless spread spectrum communication is employed in cellular networks and Wi-Fi. It provides stability by reducing wireless interference and increas
  • Finding Wifi hot spots - Wi-fi Hot Spot

    A Wi-Fi hotspot is a wireless access point which provides internet access to network devices in public places. Wi-Fi technology is used by home networ
  • How many computers can share a network - Size of a Wire

    Wireless access points (Wi-Fi) can support a considerably ample number of devices on a network. Theoretically, it is possible to hook up to 4 wired de
  • The effect of Wi-Fi (WIFI) on a laptops battery life.

    Wireless radio (Wi-Fi) requires power (which is measured in decibel milliwatts dBm). The Wi-Fi will utilize battery power whenever the radio is switch
  • Introduction to Bluetooth

    Bluetooth is kind of like a low powered wireless radio for small devices like cell phones or other devices that connect over short gaps in proximity.
  • Comparison between 802.11a, 802.11b, 802.11g, and or802

    The standards 802.11a, 802.11b, 802.11g, or802.11n are the ones most wireless products conform to, a comparison between them will show which is the mo
  • Decibels (Db,Dbm)

    Wi-Fi signals are often measured in terms of decibels. Basically decibels are a unit of measurement. They are used for many other types of audio equip