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gap line

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  • What are Patch Cables - Introduction to Patch Cable

    These cables are used usually when you wish to connect two similar type devices through Ethernet. They are also used for a short period of time whilst
  • What is Gigabit Ethernet

    As the name implies, gigabit Ethernet is a more advanced level of Ethernet networking and communication standards, gigabit supports a transmission rat
  • Wake on LAN local area network

    A wake on LAN request is used by a computer as a means of connecting to a computer that is shut down. The computer will send specially formatted messa
  • Introduction to Hertz (HZ) Gigahertz (GHz) and Megahert

    Hertz is a measurement of the transmission frequency of radio signals in a second. Named after the scientist Hein rich hertz, a single MHz (megahertz)
  • What is Auto Sensing - An introduction to Auto Sense

    Auto sensing is the ability of Ethernet equipment (hubs, switches, NICs) to choose the speeds at which to operate. Auto sensing employs signaling meth
  • The Concept of Wireless Spread Spectrum Communication

    Wireless spread spectrum communication is employed in cellular networks and Wi-Fi. It provides stability by reducing wireless interference and increas
  • Finding Wifi hot spots - Wi-fi Hot Spot

    A Wi-Fi hotspot is a wireless access point which provides internet access to network devices in public places. Wi-Fi technology is used by home networ
  • How many computers can share a network - Size of a Wire

    Wireless access points (Wi-Fi) can support a considerably ample number of devices on a network. Theoretically, it is possible to hook up to 4 wired de
  • The effect of Wi-Fi (WIFI) on a laptops battery life.

    Wireless radio (Wi-Fi) requires power (which is measured in decibel milliwatts dBm). The Wi-Fi will utilize battery power whenever the radio is switch
  • Introduction to Bluetooth

    Bluetooth is kind of like a low powered wireless radio for small devices like cell phones or other devices that connect over short gaps in proximity.
  • Comparison between 802.11a, 802.11b, 802.11g, and or802

    The standards 802.11a, 802.11b, 802.11g, or802.11n are the ones most wireless products conform to, a comparison between them will show which is the mo
  • Decibels (Db,Dbm)

    Wi-Fi signals are often measured in terms of decibels. Basically decibels are a unit of measurement. They are used for many other types of audio equip

    T1 Asymmetric DSL tends to have more bandwidth with regards to downloading, the provider restrict the upstream bandwidth which then allows them to cha
  • What are T1 and T3 lines

    T1 and T3 lines are basically leased lines, which are used in the field of telecommunications. They are an example of reserved circuit communication t
  • Fiber Optic Cables

    Fiber optic cables are expensive cables that are made up of thin strands of glass fibres, all of which is encased in insulated casing.
  • What is LTE Long Term Evolution

    LTE is a new form of wireless broadband. It is primarily for handheld devices and supports roaming on cell phones and PDAs and such.
  • High Speed Satellite Internet

    A high speed form of internet connection, satellite internet uses telecomm satellites to broadcast internet services, much the same as they do for tv.
  • Network Devices Tutorial Routers Hubs Switches

    This tutorial is made to provide you enough basic knowledge about the some very important networking devices such as Network Interface Card (NIC) adap