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  • Speed Up Network File Copying While Playing Audio in Wi

    Windows Vista (SP1 in particular) provides network throttling to avoid audio lagging while you are transferring files on the network. This is a very c
  • Scanning and fixing virus through Trend Micro

    Finding and fixing the virus and clean up your machine from the virus is very time taking and very difficult procedure to handle with. Sometimes users
  • Run a Command as Administrator from the Windows 7 Vis

    In this article we discuss the different ways to get access to the run box in the start menu of the windows vista. There are different ways to get thr
  • Roll Back Troublesome Device Drivers in Windows Vista

    In this article we will discuss the problems related to installation of the new drivers if the devices. It is observed practically that some drivers o
  • Returnil Virtual System 2010 Home

    Returnil virtual system is a sandbox application for Microsoft windows. Its goal is to prevent malware and unwanted programs from running on your comp
  • Restore Missing Items in Windows Vista Control Panel

    This article is about the missing icons in the control panel of the windows seven or xp and also gives the perfect solution for this problem. The prob
  • Restore That Missing Up Button in Windows Vista Explo

    This article describes one of the most uncomfortable features of the windows vista. There are many drawbacks of the windows vista as far as its functi
  • Restore Previous Versions of Files in Every Edition of

    This article restores the deleted or removed files. For example you can accidently deleted the very imp document just for that this article is not lon
  • Remove Garbage Software from Your New or Old Computer

    When you notice that your system is getting slower it is because of the extra softwares and related files that you donot use anymore. To remove these
  • How To Create Shortcut For Turning The Monitor Off

    Many times while we are working we get extremely tired and we want to have some break which relieves our body As well as minds. Same is the case with
  • How To Create Shortcut For Power Plans

    As Windows Vista and Windows 7 created revolution in the world of softwares as it has so many interactive programs which have never been employed in
  • How to Create Shortcut for Cleaner

    Cleanliness is very important whether it is of your own body or of your home or pet, it keeps every thing fresh and in good health and condition. Thus
  • Windows 7 Professional

    Windows has launched another wonder in the form of Windows 7. This is not in a single form rather it includes a number of editions which have been des
  • Windows 7 Home Premium

    Windows 7 has many editions from those one of the editions is Home Premium edition. This edition of windows 7 has strong features and it is available
  • Windows 7 Ultimate

    Microsoft has launched another wonder called the Microsoft Windows 7. This is not a single form but it is a complete package of a number of editions
  • Windows 7 Features

    Windows 7 really resembles Windows Vista a lot, maybe too many similarities or maybe just comfortable enough for own use.
  • How to Create a System Image in Windows 7

    All the features provided by windows 7 are quite remarkable and striking. One of the facilities provided by windows 7 to its users is to create a syst
  • How to Clean up Your Messy Windows Context Menu

    Context menu of the windows has become highly irritating for the users. It looks on the system that every file and folder wants their portion of the c
  • How to change the theme in the windows Vista

    Theme is the basically a background picture which can be changed at any time according to the taste, holidays themes or can be the special themes whic
  • How to add My Computer to your task bar

    A taskbar basically is a bar which is displayed on the very edge of the desktop. It is a utility which is offered only by those operating systems whic