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  • Simple Ad Rotation Script

    This is a very easy and simple ad rotation script, you can set percentage to show the ads
  • PHP Random String Generator

    A Quick and easy function for displaying up to a 32 charecter, highly randomized string.
  • Generating random passwords

    The tutorial will teach us how to generate a random password every time the function is called.
  • Random text

    Learn how to make random text in PHP.
  • Create random strings

    A simple tutorial in which you will learn how to create a random string of a specified length.
  • Random Affiliate

    Learn how to create a random affiliate script using php and dreamweaver.
  • Basic Randomness

    This tutorial will help you add random content to your site using the rand function in PHP. It is perfect for beginners to understand.
  • Random Numbers in PHP

    How to create a random numbers script in PHP, a well detailed tutorial.
  • Random Images in PHP

    How to create a random images script in PHP, a well detailed tutorial.
  • Random image link

    Learn how to make random image links in PHP scripting language.
  • PHP Random Numbers & Letters

    function to generate random deferent pattern like letters and combination of letters and numbers using PHP
  • Beginners Introduction to PHP

    This tutorial was written to introduce you to PHP, it assumes you know nothing about programming at all
  • Basic Tutorial

    Want to learn php? Dont know where to start? This tutorial is for you!
  • Sorting 2D-arrays in PHP

    How to use array_multisort to sort tables by column.
  • Monkey PHP: Lets Get Logical

    Discusses the basics of PHP logical statments such as IF/ELSE.