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  • Functions with Endless Amounts of Arguments

    Sometimes we need to create functions that require an indefinite and variable amount of arguments.
  • The explode() function

    The explode function in php is very simple to use.
  • Meta tag viewer

    Learn how to display another sites meta tags.
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  • Using the Internal Array Pointers to Access Elements

    An internal array pointer, in PHP, is fundamentally an invisible pointer that points to a particular record in an array.
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  • Testing htmlspecialchars() PHP Function

    This page allows you to learn and test the htmlspecialchars() function to protect embedded data in Web pages.
  • Searching a Directory of Files

    This tutorial shows you how to dynamically compile the list of files in a given directory.
  • Building a fulltext search engine with PHP

    In this article I will show you how you can use the database library from eZ publish to build database independent fulltext search engine.
  • Create a PHP Search Engine

    This hands on PHP Programming tutorial provides you the knowledge necessary to design and develop a search engine for your website using PHP version 4
  • PHP, MySQL search engine script

    This script searches MySQL database fields specified by the owner and displays the results with keywords in bold.
  • Regular Expressions

    Regular expressions enables to find and extract more complicated pieces of information in a strings and do this in a multiple-byte character set.
  • Object Oriented Programming in PHP

    One of the key features of object-oriented programming (OOP) is the ability to create new data types
  • PHP Site Search

    In this tutorial I will teach you how using dreamweaver you can create a site search with the option to select different categories.