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  • How to Stop Forum Spam

    How to keep spammers away from your ite or forum is discussed in this tutorial
  • Hacker Prevention Techniques

    The term hacker used to be benevolent, but has since changed to become a term for evil-doers online who use their knowledge of technology to exploit
  • Singleton Classes in PHP

    This tutorial describes how to create and use singleton classes in PHP.
  • Classes and OOP in PHP

    This tutorial describes an introduction to classes and object oriented programming in PHP.
  • PHP: Control Structures for Absolute Beginners

    PHP has support various conditional statement that allow developer to manipulate data easily, such as If, Else, Else If, For, Foreach, While, Do-While
  • Essential PHP for Web Entrepreneurs

    An introduction to PHP specifically aimed at web entrepreneurs who want to work with a CMS such as WordPress
  • phpBB Tutorials

    phpBB is a popular Internet forum package written in the PHP scripting
  • ZIPCodeWorld Utility PHP Component Sample Codes

    ZIPCodeWorld Utility PHP Component demonstrate on how to call and query 3 functions which are the Get function, Distance function and Radius function.
  • PHP form tutorial

    A PHP form on a web page allows a user to enter data that is sent to a server for processing.
  • IP2Location PHP Module

    IP2Location PHP Module allows easy integration between your program written in PHP and the binary data to lookup the geolocation information that any
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