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  • Command Line Scripting in PHP

    This article provides an introduction to command line scripting in PHP
  • Writing Regular Expression with PHP

    Regular Expression is a kind of language and if you have learned its symbols and understood their meaning
  • Testing Regular Expression Match Patterns

    Regular expression started in Perl language. But it is now used everywhere: text editors, programming languages, and software testing tools.
  • Escape HTML Characters

    In this how to you are gonna learn how you can escape HTML characters, nice and easy using PHP.
  • PHP Syntax

    A short lesson on writing PHP code and its semantics. Example showing how to combine PHP with HTML to create a web page.
  • PHP Arrays

    Tutorial shows difference between numeric and associative arrays and with example of how to how to use them.
  • Complete Walkthrough: Creating a Gallery Class

    In this tutorial we will be create a gallery class, and also a template class that will work together with the gallery class.
  • Install Apache, PHP and MySQL on Windows XP

    This tutorial will show you how to install Apache 2.0.59, PHP 5.2.3 and MySQL 5.0.41 on machine running Windows XP.
  • Introducing the PHP Command Line Interface

    In this short article I will introduce you to the PHP Command Line Interface (or CLI for short).
  • Effective Geotargeting with PHP

    In this tutorial, we will take a look at the technique of geotargeting, or serving content to users based on their physical location.
  • Shorthand IF....ELSE

    Shorthand IF/ELSE statements can clean up your PHP/HTML code
  • Open for Discussion

    This article / tutorial provides you with information that will let you create a PHP-based message board using NeoBoard or plain PHP.
  • Discussion Forums with PHP

    All sites need a community formed around them, and discussion forums are the ideal method of doing this.