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  • Simple BBcode

    How to create a simple BBcode function for smilies.
  • Caching your pages

    Some ways to reduce the overhead in your server, using caching techniques.;code=5
  • Monkey PHP: Database Basics

    Covering the basics of databases. Databases are a means to store data.
  • Hit Counter

    Create your own counter script using a basic knowledge of php + mysql script and keep your stat into database for analysis.
  • A simple hitcounter

    How to make a nice hitcounter using textfiles.
  • Top Referer Script

    Have you ever wanted to know who is linking to you, ever wanted to list the top 10, 15, 20 etc.. referrals on your website?
  • Setting Cookies

    You may need to set cookies to remember certain information such as users, if they have visited or not, etc. etc.
  • PHP Sessions

    Sessions can store user information, heres how to use them
  • Remembering Users

    Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) is a stateless protocol. To say it in a simple way: A client (web browser) connects to a web server.
  • Learning session with examples

    Basics of sessions is described, and two examples are used to ilustrate it: Showing number of times we have visit a page during a session.
  • How sessions are managed

    In this tutorial we will discuss how sessions are managed, Introduce cookies, configure PHP session management library, PHP session management
  • Detailed PHP sessions tutorial

    In this tutorial I will show you how to work with sessions in PHP. You will learn how to transfer information over multiple pages.