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  • PERL Files Input and Output

    This tutorial will make you aware of everything you want to learn about file handling in PERL
  • Sending mail with sendmail

    Find out how to use sendmail (or other similar mail-serving software) to send e-mail from within your script.
  • Common Beginners Mistakes

    This is a list of common mistakes that people make when writing Perl scripts and suggestions on how to fix them.
  • Debugging CGI Scripts

    Hints and tips on debugging Perl CGI scripts and identifying some possible causes of server errors.
  • CGI Environmental Variables

    One of the methods that the web server uses to pass information to a cgi script is through environmental variables.
  • Sorting Techniques

    An introduction to sorting, and how to write your own sorting functions easily with perl.
  • Untangling Lists and Hashes

    In this Part 10 of The Perl You Need to Know series, you will be shown how to work with Perls list
  • Benchmarking Perl

    In this Part 21 of The Perl You Need To Know series, it covers the Benchmark module
  • Using CGI::Application

    Application builds upon the bedrock of CGI, adding a structure for writing truly reusable Web-applications.
  • Cookie Monsters

    This article discusses some of the wrong ways for using cookies, and how to use them safely.
  • Dabbling in Live Databases

    This article focuses on setting up MySQL and understanding its various management complexities.
  • Disk-based Data Structures

    For those who do not want to get tied up with a relational database and all the supporting software needed
  • Flexible CGI Output

    This article describes a simple and effective method to format a CGI scripts output from HTML templates
  • Ace Perl Template Creator

    This is a short code snippet to create easily modifiable html templates for use in your perl cgis.
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