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  • Create 3-D Charts in Excel

    Learn step by step with screenshots how to create 3-D charts in Excel.
  • Creating Charts in Excel 2007

    A chart (also known as a graph outside Excel circles) is a way to present a table of numbers visually.
  • Highlight One Part of a Pie Chart

    One feature that we dont use often is separating just one slice from the pie chart to highlight that specific piece of data.
  • Autofill Data In Excel

    This video tutorial shows how to autofill identicle data in Excel.
  • Working with Excel 2007 Files

    This tutorial discover the new Excel interface that provides you with the right tools at the right time.
  • Templates in MS-Excel XP

    In this tutorial you will learn how to work with Excel XP templates.
  • Managing Workbooks

    Working with documents is critical to using any software. Microsoft Excel documents are known as workbooks.
  • New Features in Excel 2007

    If you are looking for a quick rundown on what is new and what is cool in Excel 2007, look no further! Here it is some official Top Features list.
  • Basics in Excel 2007

    This top basics list lays out all the fundamental skills required to successfully use Excel 2007.
  • Make a Table of Contents

    Ever notice how easy it is to navigate a book? Thats because they have a table of contents.
  • Create a 3-D Illusion in Cells

    Whether you have to give a presentation or you need to liven up your worksheets, giving it a 3D look could be just the thing.
  • Excel 2007 Screen Elements

    These elements included Office button, Quick Access Toolbar, Ribbon, Name box, Formula bar, Sheet tabs, Status bar, and Zoom control
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