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  • Range in Excel: Working with Ranges in MS Excel

    The term Range is used in MS Excel for the selection of one or more than one cell either horizontally or vertically or even in a block. There are vari
  • Important terminologies in Microsoft Excel

    Here you will find important terminologies that are used in Microsoft Excel. MS Excel is widely used all across the globe for its flexibility and high
  • Tracking Job Applicants in Excel

    Need to track job applicants for a position? Make an Excel template!
  • Data Validation

    How to use data validation for dropdown lists
  • Using Speak Cells in Excel

    How to use speak cells in Excel for accessibility purposes
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  • How to insert cells in Excel

    When we work with spreadsheet sooner or later we will need to insert Cells into existing sheet. I will show a few ways we can achieve it.
  • How to Find Data in Excel

    Finding data is very useful, when you have to deal with a lot of data on a worksheet.
  • Median Function

    The median is widely used in statistics ...
  • Merge Columns in Excel

    You re probably used to merging cells , but did you know that merging or concatenating columns for combining data is just as easy and useful.
  • Add Cell Comments to a Spreadsheet

    Comments are often very helpful when it comes to the large amounts of data present in a spreadsheet.
  • Highlight One Part of a Pie Chart

    One feature that we dont use often is separating just one slice from the pie chart to highlight that specific piece of data.
  • Make a Table of Contents

    Ever notice how easy it is to navigate a book? Thats because they have a table of contents.
  • Create a 3-D Illusion in Cells

    Whether you have to give a presentation or you need to liven up your worksheets, giving it a 3D look could be just the thing.