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  • How to change the hostname on CentOS and Ubuntu

    The hostname is used to identify the server when connected on a network and it is configured during the initial server setup. Changing the initial ser
  • How to install XWiki on CentOS 7

    XWiki is a free and open source applications for creating and managing your own wiki
  • Basic screen command usage and examples

    Screen is a very useful command that offers the ability to use multiple shell windows (sessions) from a single SSH session.
  • How to Install Jupyter on an Ubuntu 16.04 VPS

    Jupyter Notebook is an open source, interactive web app that you can use to create documents that contain live code, equations, visualizations and exp
  • How to install and use wget on Ubuntu

    Wget is a free software package that can be used for retrieving files using HTTP, HTTPS and FTP which are considered as the most widely-used Internet
  • How to Shorten Your Links With Your Own Domain

    Maybe you are tired of using or or maybe you just want your own branded short links. You can shorten your own links (for free!) on your
  • How to Install Java on Ubuntu 16.04

    In this article, we will show you how to install Oracle Java JDK8 on an Ubuntu 16.04 VPS. Oracle JDK is the official version distributed by Oracle. Th
  • How to Speed up Odoo

    Odoo is the most popular ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software, written in Python and uses PostgreSQL as database back-end.
  • How to reset your WordPress admin password

    WordPress is a free and open-source content management system (CMS) based on PHP and MySQL which you can use to create a beautiful website.