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  • Apache Maven: Exclusions and Inclusions of unit test

    In this article, we will learn and understand how categorically include or exclude specific test cases while running unit test using surefire plugin
  • Apache Maven: Plugins explanation

    In earlier articles we have seen about Maven different lifecycles and their various build phases. Now we will extend these articles to understand, w
  • Apache Maven: Dependency Scopes

    In this article, we will learn and understand about different scopes available in Apache Maven which affects transitivity
  • Apache Maven: Exclusion of Transitive dependencies

    In previous article, we have learnt about what is transitive dependency. Here, we will understand how we can force maven to stop downloading transitiv
  • Apache Maven: Local, Central and Remote Repositories

    In this article, we will learn about different types of maven repositories. In simple, maven repositories contains packaged JARS of various modules
  • Apache Maven: Changing default Maven repo location

    In this article, we will try to change the default local maven repository location to some preferred location in windows environment
  • Introduction to Apache Maven

    In this article, we will learn and understand about Apache Maven - a build tool. In general, it simplifies the whole build process from validating/com
  • Java Queue Example

    Article on Java Queue collections with code example
  • Java: super keyword

    In this article, we will discuss super keyword in Java