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  • varargs in Java

    This post talks about the varargs in Java added from Java 5.
  • Top 20 Serialization interview questions and answers

    This tutorial explains what is serialization and its importance and benefits of serialization and interview questions on serialization
  • Effectively final in Java 8

    This post talks about the effectively final variable introduced in Java 8
  • Image Water marker Using Java

    Water marking is to put one image on other .It uses java code.
  • Thread Local class in Java

    This post talks about the Thread Local class
  • Deadlock in Java

    This post talks about how deadlock in Java can be created and what are the ways to avoid it.
  • Finalize method in Java

    This post talks about the finalize method
  • Multi-catch statement in Java 7

    This post talks about multi-catch statement introduced in Java 7
  • Java pass by value or pass by reference

    This post talks about whether parameter passing is pass by value or pass by reference in Java
  • Creating example web application in JSF 2.2

    how to create a simple hello world web application using JSF 2.x MVC framework.
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  • Everything you need to know about Proxy Design Pattern

    The proxy design pattern allows you to provide an interface to other objects by creating a wrapper class as the proxy. The wrapper class, which is the