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  • 10 SOLID and OOPS Design Principles and Patterns Java

    Collection of 10 beautiful 10 SOLID and OOPS Design Principles and Patterns in Java which can make your code flexible and maintainable.Knowledge of O
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  • How to fix java.lang.NoSuchMethodError in Java

    Quick Java tutorial on how to solve java.lang.NoSuchMethodError: main Exception in thread main. Main cause of this error still remains incorrect synta
  • How run Java program from JAR file in java comand line

    Step by Step Java tutorial to run Java program from JAR file using command prompt java command. This tutorial also explains about how to create jar fi
  • Example of Formatting number in Java with DecimalFormat

    Java tutorial and guide for beginners and intermediate java developers to format numbers in Java. you can use java.text.DecimalFormat class to format
  • Why double and float not good for exact result

    Quick explanation of Why double and float not good for exact result and not suitable for monetary calculation.Java programming language has some point
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  • Java program to detect if Array contains duplicate

    Quick Java Program example and to check whether a Java Array contains duplicate elements or not.There are three ways to check if array has duplicates
  • Difference between JAVA_HOME and java.home in Java

    Main difference between JAVA_HOME and java.home is that JAVA_HOME refers to JDK installation directory while java.home refers to JRE installation dire
  • How to deal with Race Condition in Java with Example

    If you are working in multi-threaded language or doing concurrent programming in Java then you must have face Race conditions in java. Race conditions
  • 5 Examples of Set Core Tag in JSTL JSP

    If you are working in JSP and Servlet than you must be familiar with JSTL the famous core tag library. one tag which is very important is set tag whic
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  • Difference on throw and throws keyword Java

    If you have used Exception in Java programming language then you must be familiar with throw and throws keyword. difference between throw and throws i
  • Difference between ArrayList and LinkedList in Java

    ArrayList and LinkedList are two popular collection classes in Java and Major difference between ArrayList and LinkedList is on there implementation w
  • How to encode byte array into Base64 encoding in JAva

    Quick tutorial on how to include byte array or String into base 64 encoding in Java. We often need to encode content before sending it to server in or
  • Difference between Fail Safe and FailFast Iterator

    fail-safe iterators are relatively new concept in Java. as compared to fail-fast iterator which fail as soon as they detect any structural change in c
  • Solution of java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: orgapache

    Exception in thread main java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: org/apache/commons/logging/LogFactory error or java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: org.apache.
  • How to call blocking methods in Java

    Blocking methods put Current thread on blocking position until method returns like ServerSocket accept() method which blocks until a client Socket con
  • Why Wait and Notify is in Object Class in Java

    Wait and notify method are used to put thread on wait but they are not in Thread class alongwith Sleep() or Join() method instead they are declared in
  • How to find which date is greater in Java

    Java provides multiple ways to compare two Dates in Java. here we will see 3 simple example to convert two dates in Java and find out whether one date
  • Difference between Class and Instance variable in Java

    Java provides different kinds of variable e.g. Class variable or Static variable, Instance variable or non static variable, Local variable. In this a
  • How to reverse order of String in Java using recursion

    This is also a very popular java interview questions mostly asked as how to reverse string in Java without using Stringbuffer reverse but There are ma