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  • BufferedReader Example in Java - Reading File line by l

    BufferedReader in Java can be used to read any file line by line, it provides method like readLine() which returns line by line until end of file reac
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  • Get vs Load method in Hibernate - Interview Question

    Both get and load method are used to retrieve object in hibernate but there are subtle difference between them which can affect performance if used at
  • How to use Autoboxing and Unboxing in Java with Example

    Autoboxing is introduced in JDK 5 and allows automatic conversion of primitive to Object type. There are subtle details about auto boxing which is req
  • Instance variable vs Local variable in java

    This tutorial explains about what is local and instance variables and the difference between the instance variable and local variable
  • Solving JSP Threading issues.

    This tutorial tells about how to solve jsp threading issues.
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  • How to use Enum as Singleton in Java with Example

    From Java 5 onwards there is a new way to implement Singleton design pattern, by using Enum. Enum has some distinct benefits in terms of thread-safety
  • What is builder pattern in Java with real life Example

    Builder pattern in Java is used to create objects with lots of mandatory and option value. Since after 4 or 5 arguments constructor started getting ug
  • What is UseCompressedOops option in 64 bit JVM - Java

    -XX:UseCompressedOops is a JVM command line option which is provided in 64 bit hotspot JVM. Since size of OOPS is larger in 64 bit JVM which reduces C
  • How to use JUnit 4 Annotation with Examples

    Junit is best framework for writing unit tests and with introduction of annotations on JUnit 4 its become even more sophisticated and easier but In or
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  • How to create database connection pool in Spring Java

    Step by Step guide on how to create JDBC connection pool in Spring framework. Spring allows you to create JDBC pool directly or access it using JNDI.
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  • What is NullPointerException in Java how to deal

    Java.lang.NullPointerException comes when we try to access any field or method on Object which is null. Its come mainly due to programming mistake and
  • What is design pattern in Java - Interview preparation

    Questions from design pattern and software design are always have places in most programming interviews does not matter its Java or C#. This become ev
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  • How to deal with Passwords in Java

    Worth reading for all Java developers who are involve in coding secure enterprise application and deal with sensitive data like SSN, Password and Bank
  • What is ThreadLocal in Java with Example

    ThreadLocal is another way to obtain thread safety in Java. you can share expensive object as ThreadLocal to get benefit of multi-threading with reduc
  • What is .class file in Java - Fundamentals

    Class file in Java is core of Java platform independence feature. When you compile Java source file it generates number of class file based upon num
  • Java Reflection Example - accessing private field

    One of the most powerful feature of Reflection is able to access private members. Since private is highest form of encapsulation in Java and Reflecti
  • What is type 2 and type 4 JDBC Driver in Java

    There are 4 types of JDBC drivers in Java. type 4 drivers are most advanced and fast and same time easy to use. Just include the jar file of driver. O
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  • how to use lable with break and continue in Java loops

    description of how you can use label inside nested loop along with break and continue statement in Java program. nested loop is required in many algor
  • What is default Bean Scope in Spring framework

    Apart from standard bean scope like Singleton, prototype, request, session and global Session, There is new bean scope added in Spring called thread s
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