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  • Pop-up Windows

    JavaScript allows you to create (open) new windows. In these windows you can place whatever HTML code you wish
  • Accept Focus Until Closed

    A small snippet that allows you to keep a window on top of all others until closed.
  • Breaking out of frames

    Want to make sure your web pages are not included in other website frames?
  • Javascript Tip Boxes

    When writing content for your site you might want to give some tips or explainations for particular words or phrases.
  • Close Window

    Ever want to place a link or button on your page that will close the window to make it easier on the user?
  • DHTML Window widget

    This is a robust DHTML Window widget that replicates the look and functionality of a traditional pop-up window
  • Ultimate Fade-in slide show

    This is a robust, cross browser fade in slideshow script to display and rotate images.
  • Change image on mouseover

    Change images on mouse over with javascript. Define the images and preload them.
  • Create Cycling Banners

    Create a system that rotates specific banners automatically without the need of the page being refreshed