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  • Illustrator Document Raster Effects

    As mentioned in the last quickfix, there are some options in Illustrator that can catch you out.
  • Wooden Photo Frame

    Learn to create a wooden photo frame from scratch in illustrator.
  • 4 Stylish Web 2.0 Badges

    Create 4 different stylish web 2.0 badges using the star tool and filters in illustrator.
  • Masking in Illustrator

    Learn all about Masking in Illustrator, how to create edit and tweak your masks
  • Design a Set of Shields

    Shields are great design elements that can be used on almost any project.
  • Draw glossy folder icon

    In this tutorial, we will create a customize shape using Pathfinder tool in Illustrator CS.
  • Draw Your Self Portrait

    Learn how to transform your photo into your vector self portrait.
  • Create a Colourful Abstract Wavy Ribbon

    A simple walkthrough on how to create a colourful abstract ribbon shape in Illustrator
  • Cool vector flower

    In this tutorial, I will show you how to draw a flower easily using the Distort and Transform effect in Illustrator.
  • Create a Tropical Colored Compass

    Compasses are made of basic shapes and are not that difficult to make. They can be used to communicate the concept of travel.
  • 3D Blue LCD Clock

    Learn several tools and techniques while making a cool looking clock.
  • 3D Vintage Stars

    Making 3D Vintage Stars without filters or effects (end result).
  • 3D Dice

    Are you feeling lucky? See if you can roll a lucky 7 with this tutorial on how to create 3d dice!
  • 3d RSS icon

    A simple illustrator showing how to create a 3d Rss icon in illustrator