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  • Straighten a crooked image

    In this tutorial you willl learn a quick and easy way to straighten your crooked images with Gimp.
  • Colored Glowing text effect

    A tutorial about how to create a glowing text effect
  • Create soft glassy buttons

    This tutorials shows you how to create a soft and glassy / glossy button.
  • Smiley Emoticons

    Well, I thought I would show everyone how to make smiley emoticons.
  • Hot text on flames

    I will show you how to create such a hot flames text with GIMP.
  • Cool glowing text

    In this tutorial I will show you how to get this pretty nice glowing text effect using GIMP.
  • Neon Glow

    In this simple tutorial I am gonna show you how to create a cool neon glow text in only 5 very simple steps!
  • Transparent Glass Lettering

    Learn how to make a stunning glass text effect. Adapted from a Photoshop tutorial.
  • Slow Shutter Text Effect

    Simulate light painting (using a flashlight in front of a long exposure) in the GIMP.
  • How To Paint Tomato

    A step by step procedure from laying down base tones, and shadows and highlights based on light source.
  • How to Create Cartoon Clouds

    This tutorial will teach you how to make fluffy cartoon clouds.
  • Hot Wallpaper with Flames

    In this desktop background tutorial I will show you how to create a hot wallpaper with Angelina Jolie.
  • Creating blood text

    In this tutorial I show you how you can liquify / smelt text or other graphical objects.
  • Monochrome Effect

    Black/White or Monochrome effects on pictures are evergreens in image manipulation and picture presentation.
  • Software Boxes

    You know those virtual software boxes you see everywhere for downloadable software?
  • Paths, Selections, and Channels

    This tutorials shows how paths, selections and channels work in one single project.

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