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  • Time Based Animation In Actionscript 3.0

    Learn how to animate your Flash objects using a time based technique to avoid speed changes when adjusting your frame rate.
  • html linkbutton with actionscript 3

    How to dynamically create text links with flash actionscript 3.0 and give them click events.
  • Working with Movie Clips in ActionScript 3.0

    Understand how to export movie clips from the library and use them in the display list in AS3 in simple language, and much more.
  • Custom Mouse pointer in Flash

    In this tutorial, I will explain how to make a pointer or scope that could possibly be used for a shooting or target game.
  • Use movieclips as buttons in flash

    In this tutorial I will tell you to stop using buttons symbols in flash, and just juse movieclips for everything, its much easier.
  • Format text with CSS in ActionScript 3.0

    In this tutorial we go a step further and we will learn how to stylize, format our text using an external CSS file.
  • 3D Rotating Ring

    If your aim is to get some not much complicated, rotating objects try this tutorial.
  • 3D Engine for Dummies

    The purpose of this tutorial is to teach you the fine art of making a Flash 3D-engine.
  • Pseudo 3D Orbiting Ball

    Create a pseudo ball that orbits around text. A great effect for logos.
  • Flash 3D Backface Culling

    Backface Culling entails not rendering faces on 2D models that will not be visible.
  • What is isometry....

    This tutorial is an introduction to drawing isometric objects in Flash.
  • Drawing Isometric Objects

    In this tutorial, I am going to show you how to draw isometric objects.
  • 3D animation by mask

    In this detailed lesson made for flash, you will learn how to create 3D animation using the mask and some special flash tricks.
  • 3D title in flash

    Using this tutorial, you have a chance to learn how to make 3D title in flash using some special flash tips and tricks.
  • Swift 3D Advanced Modeler Guide Part 1

    Learn the interface, tools, and how to model mesh objects in the Swift 3D Advanced Modeler.