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  • Working when you do not have access to your database

    If you use a large, server-based database like Microsoft SQL Server or Oracle 9i, you can still work on your dynamic pages in Macromedia Dreamweaver
  • Create Login Page

    Learn how to create a login page for your members only section.
  • Dreamweaver and PHP

    This is an 11 part video tutorial series. It includes installation of all the components needed for creating data driven websites
  • PHP Log In Script

    An alternative way of creating a login script, we show you you do not have to rely on Dreamweavers code.
  • Working with ASP.NET database

    In this tutorial I will teach you how using Dreamweaver 8 and its ASP.NET function
  • ASP.NET Add Information

    In this tutorial I will teach you how to add information into a database using Dreamweaver.
  • Dreamweaver Master-Detail PHP MySQL

    This feature in the DreamWeaver dynamic application tools is probably the most impressive. It is also a multi-stage process.
  • PHP Arrays, Functions

    This 4 part video tutorial explains some of the most important parts of PHP application development: arrays, functions and classes.
  • Dynamic file uploads

    A video tutorial that gives a basic primer in uploading files from your users to your server.
  • Image Gallery using Spry framework

    This tutorial will explain how to create image gallery (thumbnail viewer) using Spry Widgets which come together with Dreamweaver CS3
  • Link Exchange System with Dreamweaver CS3, PHP, MySQL

    This article will take you through all steps in developing your own, simple link exchange system using Dreamweaver CS3, PHP, MySQL and CSS.
  • Link Exchange System with Dreamweaver CS3, PHP, MySQL

    This part of the tutorial will explain how to create a search engine which will be included in all of the pages on the front end of our Link Exchange
  • ASP.NET Search Form

    Learn how to create a search form for your site using ASP.NET. I also included a video tutorial.
  • ASP.NET Admin Login

    n this tutorial I will teach you how using Dreamweaver 8 and its ASP.NET to create a Login function for your ASP.NET site.
  • Browser Compatibility

    Trying to determine exactly which tags, attributes, and CSS properties work in every browser .
  • Designing with CSS Part 1

    This article is the first in a series of tutorials about Cascading Style Sheets (CSS).