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gap line

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  • Petya Ransomware Removal and Protection

    To do Petya ransomware removal, switch off power supply, disconnect network, block port 445/139, backup key files, install Windows March patchMS17-010
  • How to Copy Files from One Google Drive to Another

    How to copy, move, transfer, migrate files/documents/sheets/photos/videos etc. from one google drive account to another while ensuring data security?
  • Ransomware Protector AOMEI Backupper

    AOMEI Backupper is a ransomware protector which can backup import data in a safe place and restore them back after cyber-attack to avoid data loss.
  • Solutions for Google Photos Backup Slow

    Google photos backup is very slow and it takes hours, days or even months to upload only several pictures. How to solve it?
  • Google Photos Backup Stuck Solutions

    Google photos backup stuck on: Backing up 1 of xxx or Waiting for sync unexpectedly for no reason without any unusual changes made to the app.
  • How to Increase C Drive Space from D Drive

    How to increase c drive space from d drive to solve low disk problem? Generally, there are two ways, using Disk Management or by partition software.
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