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  • Polygon Selection

    Learn how to apply different textures to different polygons on a model.
  • Cinema4D 3D Text

    Create a sweet laying 3D text with Maxon Cinema4D.
  • Camera Depth Tutorial

    Add depth to your renders with this tutorial.
  • Uv Unwrapping And Painting A Gun In Bodypaint

    This first part of the tutorial is going to deal with a quick efficient way to UV map a weapon in BODYPAINT
  • Intro To Animation

    Learn some simple Cinema 4d animation techniques including importing to Flash.
  • More than 90F

    A commonly asked question is how to get more than 90 frames to work with, here is the answer!
  • Creating a Bouncing Ball

    Adding gravity in Cinema 4D Dynamics to create a bouncing ball
  • Create a Spatial Scene

    Creating a enemy planet in a spatial scene in Cinema 4d
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