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  • Add wood material to numerous objects

    In this tutorial we will show you how to apply and add wooden material in tables and chairs. Process is pretty much the same for various objects.
  • Refraction glass material in 3D Studio MAX

    We will continue with our 3D Studio MAX Tutorials and now we can use vase model from previous tutorial
  • Understanding Unwrap UVW

    This tutorial is suitable for you who wants to know about basic use of Unwrap UVW.
  • Unwrap UVW Texturing

    8 simple steps how to texture an object using Unwrap UVW.
  • Wood Material Tutorial in vray

    Hi again. This days on CG Links you can find some basic material for Vray. This one is for wood.
  • Texturing A Dolphin Using Unwrap UVW

    Texturing a dolphin using Unwrap UVW in 3dsmax. Complete step by step tutorial
  • Advance Illumination

    CGIndia.org bring you yet another quite Useful and Free 3ds Max tutorial for 3d studio Max Users.
  • Light Caustics in 3D Studio Max

    The effect could be archived in 3D Studio Max using Mental Ray as render engine and Mental ray glass material.
  • Lighting a Close-Up of a Head

    In this Tutorial you will learn how to use a variety of lighting methods, how to render still images and animation
  • Vray daytime Interior Video

    You will learn the placement of lights in the scene and the Vray rendering settings to achieve the result which was my requirement.
  • Rendering yellow Ferrari

    Car rendering tutorial for 3ds max. Thanks Emre Goren for tutorial.
  • General tips about lighting in 3dsmax

    In this tutorial I will try and show how you the basics of making a nice wireframe image in 3d studio max.
  • Part 2 Texture and Lighting

    Lighting is one of the most important parts in 3D visualization rendering.
  • volume lighting

    This tutorial learn how to create a volume lighting in 3d s max.
  • Lighting your first Spaceship

    This teaches you basic positional constraining and some fairly nice lighting techniques.
  • Introduction to Radiosity

    Introduction to Radiosity in 3dsmax. For beginner. Also learn how to create neon glow effect using Radiosity
  • Simple Light Setup in Radiosity

    Simple light setup in radiosity. In this tutorial you will know simple calculation to set how much light needed in a scene.