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  • Refraction glass material in 3D Studio MAX

    We will continue with our 3D Studio MAX Tutorials and now we can use vase model from previous tutorial
  • Understanding Unwrap UVW

    This tutorial is suitable for you who wants to know about basic use of Unwrap UVW.
  • Unwrap UVW Texturing

    8 simple steps how to texture an object using Unwrap UVW.
  • Wood Material Tutorial in vray

    Hi again. This days on CG Links you can find some basic material for Vray. This one is for wood.
  • Texturing A Dolphin Using Unwrap UVW

    Texturing a dolphin using Unwrap UVW in 3dsmax. Complete step by step tutorial
  • Advance Illumination

    CGIndia.org bring you yet another quite Useful and Free 3ds Max tutorial for 3d studio Max Users.
  • Light Caustics in 3D Studio Max

    The effect could be archived in 3D Studio Max using Mental Ray as render engine and Mental ray glass material.
  • Lighting a Close-Up of a Head

    In this Tutorial you will learn how to use a variety of lighting methods, how to render still images and animation
  • Vray daytime Interior Video

    You will learn the placement of lights in the scene and the Vray rendering settings to achieve the result which was my requirement.
  • Rendering yellow Ferrari

    Car rendering tutorial for 3ds max. Thanks Emre Goren for tutorial.
  • General tips about lighting in 3dsmax

    In this tutorial I will try and show how you the basics of making a nice wireframe image in 3d studio max.
  • Part 2 Texture and Lighting

    Lighting is one of the most important parts in 3D visualization rendering.
  • volume lighting

    This tutorial learn how to create a volume lighting in 3d s max.
  • Lighting your first Spaceship

    This teaches you basic positional constraining and some fairly nice lighting techniques.
  • Introduction to Radiosity

    Introduction to Radiosity in 3dsmax. For beginner. Also learn how to create neon glow effect using Radiosity
  • Simple Light Setup in Radiosity

    Simple light setup in radiosity. In this tutorial you will know simple calculation to set how much light needed in a scene.
  • Real Car Studio Rendering With Vray

    Learn to harness the power of Vray to render a realistic car (a VW new beetle) in a studio environment
  • Exterior Scene Part 3 Lighting

    Lighting is one of the most important parts in 3D visualization rendering.