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  • Air explosion with Afterburn in 3dsmax 9

    In this quick and concise video tutorial, I am going to demo you how to create realistic air explosion with SitniSati Afterburn 3.2.
  • Modeling A Snail

    Modeling a snail similar like the ones in Flushed Away The Movie.
  • 3D beach sandal model

    Make this realistic 3D sandal model in 3D studio max
  • Modern chair model with texture

    Model this modern looking 3D chair object and apply texture with this tutorial
  • Making of Balance spirit

    Balancs spirit is an illustration which I carried out for my training to carry out a realistic character.
  • Making of Wrestiling Fighter

    I have always been fascinated by those amazing mexican figthers so I decided to create a 3D charicature of one of them.
  • The basic building blocks

    you will learn some important tricks with lighting and rendering.
  • Making of

    Tutorial about modeling, lighting and texturing of ancient passage.
  • Modeling A Dolphin

    Modeling a dolphin from just a single plane. Detailed step by step tutorial
  • Realistic Grass Using Particle Fow

    A Short Video Tutorial on how to create Grass using the PF Source particle system.
  • Making of The Coliseum

    I tried to reproduce the glamour of it, showing how big and beautiful the Coliseum is.
  • Unwrap Introduction

    An introduction to this modifier for you to expand upon to make mapping easier and tidier.
  • Vray plastic material

    Basic Vray material tutorial, learning you how to create realistic plastic material in Vray.
  • iPhone Texturing Tutorial

    Tutorial goes through step by step how to texture an iPhone using 7 sub materials, all raytrace.
  • A Guide to 2-Sided Material-Vray Tutorial

    This tutorial shows you how to use 2-sided material in 3dsmax 8 with VRay to achieve light passing through translucency material like paper.
  • Grass Tutorial,3DsMax

    Hello, I just want to show you the way to make quite nice rondom looking grass. I hope that it will b usefull to you.
  • Add wood material to numerous objects

    In this tutorial we will show you how to apply and add wooden material in tables and chairs. Process is pretty much the same for various objects.