Turning numbers into graphs

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Turning numbers into graphs

This tutorial presents a couple of ways to display your data in a graphical way by using charts without using server components.


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Ok so now you probably know how to get data from databases, text files, forms etc. But when it comes to displaying that data people mostly use tables or listings. The fact is that pure text is bit boring and often you'll get your points across allot better with a simple graph than with a whole page of text.

There are several ways to do this, and if you can afford it server components is probably the best way to do it. This is because such components can generate images serverside, giving you both a high grade of browser compatibility (no need for Java or plugins) as well as high grade of design freedom.

But what if you can't pay up several hundred or thousands of dollars to buy such a component? There are alternatives. Our first approach is using images that we resize with ASP to display bar graphs. Our second approach is a Java applet that can display a more advanced graph, but depends on a Java capable browser.    More detail...

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