Top 10 ASP.NET Interview Questions and Answers

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Top 10 ASP.NET Interview Questions and Answers

ASP.NET is a web application development framework for building web sites and web applications that follows object oriented programming approach.
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Top 10 ASP.NET Interview Questions and Answers
1. What is the concept of Postback in ASP.NET?
2. Difference between ASP.NET WebForms and ASP.NET MVC?
3. Please briefly explain ASP.NET Page life Cycle?
4. What is the difference between custom controls and user controls?
5. What is the concept of view state in ASP.NET?
6. Difference between Response.Redirect and Server.Transfer?
7. Please briefly explain the usage of Global.asax?
8. What are the different types of Validation controls in ASP.NET?
9. What are the types of Authentication in ASP.NET?
10. What are Session state modes in ASP.NET?    More detail...

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