The design idea and the PS process of the banana party

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The design idea and the PS process of the banana party

This article mainly introduces the design ideas and making process of the poster of a party.


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This article mainly introduces the design ideas and making process of the poster of a party.

Step 1, Make a yellow background layer and pay attention to the deep and shallow gradient effect on the hue.

Step 2, Input the chosen banana material.

Step 3, Use the level to adjust the hue of the banana to match the background.

Step 4, Use the pen tool to roughly cut the banana into pieces.

Step 5, Go on cutting and dispersing the banana peels. Then, an important step is to add a cross section to the cutting position of the banana, thus, the thickness is there.

Step 6, Shadow is the most important part and where there is the shadow there is the sense of being. Add a shadow to the bottom of the banana and notice the virtuality, reality and gradient of the shadow.

Step 7, Create a new layer and make some circles or make the circles in the CDR (the shadow needs)

Step 8, Select the circles and put them on the shadow.

Step 9, Narrow them and put them on the appropriate positions, moreover, reduce the transparency.

Step 10, Use the mask to daub them to make them natural.

Step 11, Next, refine the shadow and add some circle elements.

Step 12, Similarly, refine the background of the banana to extrude the theme.

Step 13, The complicated things start and firstly choose the suitable element material.

Step 14, Then put it beside the banana as the decoration element and adjust the color by yourself.

Step 15, Go on adding the element and the key point is adjusting the position to make it as the one you like.

Step 16, Also add some elements to the cross section of the banana to make it seem to be cut off by the small elements.

Step 17, Add the shadow to them after finishing it, thus, the small elements have the sense of being.

Step 18, The banana part has been finished and we use the pen tool to draw some color ribbons to make it flowing.

Step 19, Continue to perfect the flowing ribbon part and use the pen tool to fill it into other color.

Step 20, Go on using the pen tool to add some lines beside the ribbons.

1.draw out of lines
2. Click the "path" dialog box the right button on the “work path”
4. Select the “Stroke Path”
5. Select the “brush tool”, select the”simulate pressure”

Step 21, Use the mask to merge the ribbon layer and make the ribbons cross the banana peels.

Step 22, Create a new layer and use the airbrush to spray the light spots to make it flowing.

Step 23, Make the text theme and input the words.

Step 24, Use the pen tool to cut the words and slightly move their positions to make them stagger.

Step 25, Make a gradient layer under the layer of the theme words and stagger their positions to make the words have the three-dimensional sense and the light sensation.

Step 26, Add some decoration to the front and use some elements beside the banana.

Step 27, The words are white and seem giddy. Make a shadow to the words or copy the shadow of the banana directly, thus, the words have the core and the picture gets the balance.

Step 28, Look for the bubble material and adjust the size and the position beside the banana to make the picture luxuriant.

Step 29, Create a new layer on the top layer and use the airbrush to spray the yellow light spots on it. The size depends and we choose the “screen” of the layer mode to make the picture shinning instantly and the poster is finished here.


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