The applied skills of texture of navigations on website

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The applied skills of texture of navigations on website

A navigation, the visual focus and center of the whole site (especially the portal sites)


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First of all, let’s learn how to show the texture of a standard navigation.

A navigation, the visual focus and center of the whole site (especially the portal sites), plays a very important role in designing the website and its influence ranks only second to Banner. The success and failure of the navigation directly affect the performance of the whole site. Therefore, no matter it’s the corporate website or the flash site, we should not despise the design of the navigation.

I will roughly introduce the way of making the textural navigation here.

I always personally divide the texture of the navigation into several layers, such as the highlights, floodlight, pin light, projection and so on. They are also the basic al effects that an object should have and we synthesize them on the interface to better show the texture of the interface. More details to see the picture below.

The example in the picture above is the normal way to show the textures of the navigation. There are many ways and the effects achieved are various.

Then I will also introduce a way of showing the navigation with the complex texture. For example, the way of making the navigation with glass texture below!

Glass is a kind of material with specular reflection; therefore, we need more light to show its texture. I set a simple example and you can see how I achieve the glass effect in the picture below.

Actually, you can see that the base layer is a gradient layer and other effects are achieved by continuously creating the new layers from the two examples I offered. Moreover, the embodiment of the texture is formed in certain highlight, dim light and projection, therefore, my personal conclusion is based on the material object. Referring to others’ designs and applying the methods you learn in many ways, you can make a lot of textural and beautiful navigations.

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