Sync Your Visor to Linux

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Sync Your Visor to Linux

The ubiquitous handheld is a common element in business life today.


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"I need to change the batteries in my Visor again," my wife said.

"OK, now if I swap the old AAA's fast enough, I won't lose any data," I muttered to myself for the 47th time. "Perhaps I ought to back up the Visor's data this time," I silently continued.

Then, the familiar realization hit me again. I've been using Linux totally at home for quite a while and the last time the PDA was backed up was when I still had access to a Windows box. Has it been that long?

Bad sysadmin! Double bad sysadmin for not backing up the wife's data! Time to figure how to save myself a lot of grief and get that Visor data over to the old dependable SuSE Linux laptop. Here's how I did it.    More detail...

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