Step By Step: Designing A Landing Page With Photoshop

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Step By Step: Designing A Landing Page With Photoshop

Having learned and studied some techniques in designing and how colors may trick our eyes into believing something that is not, I hope to share with..


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In this tutorial, we shall be looking at how to create a simple landing page that sells a photographer’s prints and a simple diary. The theme I chose for this particular tutorial will be “Bokeh”.
The term “Bokeh” originated from “Boke” in Japanese which stands for blur, haze or out-of-focus, and its a popular technique in photography as well as web design. Most of it is applied as a background, and only on occasional designs will you see it elsewhere. As this is just a landing page, the design will focus more towards promoting as a single page, rather than an actual template applied throughout the other pages. Of course, it may be tweaked to become a template for use though. Let’s get started shall we?    More detail...

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