Snakes and Ladder Game : Java source code

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Snakes and Ladder Game : Java source code

This program will simulate a regular snakes and ladders game, where you will be facing the computer. You and the computer start at square 1, and the


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Print rules of the game
Makes the board for the player
Prompt user to start the game
If (input==’y’)
Then startGame
Leave command prompt

If startGame

Set starting position for user and computer to 1

User throws the dice then computer throws the dice one after other

Prints the final position after each dice throw for the user as well as computer repeatedly

If user reaches the ladder or snake bitten then reflect the final position after such propositions both
for user and computer

Whoever first reaches the 100 , will win the game , with n predefined attempts

If no one wins with in predefined attempts then prompt user to play the game again or not

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